Thanks to free open source software (FOSS), well organized groups of hyper-skilled developers have produced website frameworks available to the general public that are challenging the setups offered by big-market firms. While this has been the demise of many large scale web outfits it has also flooded the market with talented freelance web developers offering the same product at a fraction of the cost of their former employers.

So the industry basically went mobile. Not so much smart phones as it was indiscretion. Anyone with a laptop and a lack of employment was a professional web developer for hire… Why talk to a professional when Jimmy’s kid is in intro to HTML? Honestly? For many people it doesn’t matter. Any old website will do. That’s not what we’re interested in. We want clients that want to be part of their website development, bloggers, photogs, crafters of their own future.

Please take a look at how unique and creative each one of our clients are at Elite Web Labs. The passion in their work shows and subtly portraying that for them online is what we are really all about.

Tom Senecal