Browsers vs. Search Engines Explained

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Yes this is lowbrow, but I feel it is necessary for many folks and could also be used as a spring board into possibly further search enlightenment. Initially we need to look at some of the lingo involved and how it relates to your search. Heres a quick rundown.

  • Browser – The thing/button/app/program on your work computer/smartphone/laptop that renders the URL/Domain/Website that you are interested in seeing.
  • Examples of major browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, AOL Explorer, Yahoo Browser, Google Chrome, Opera, Camino.

I think many people are confused by the relationship of browser development company to search engine provider and understandably so as several companies dabble in both. You can Google yourself with Firefox but you better not be caught Internet Exploring yourself on Safari… So with that nonsense here’s some breakdown on basic URL structure and search engines.

  • If you know the URL ( of your site you can always directly enter that address, anything else is a search
  • All browsers have a URL field on the toolbar and many have search functionality built into them or alongside for convenience
  • is a website that allows you to employ their search engine, while you are Googling this is not considered a browser
  • is a website that provides a search engine, is a website that provides a search engine as is

So now that you have a basic understanding of the difference between browsers and search engines its time to explore how to take advantage of them.

Google Advanced Search Shortcuts

Make your Google searches even more efficient with these advanced Google search shortcuts. The following advanced search commands will help you narrow your searches, dig deeper into previously hidden content, and retrieve information quickly.

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Google Shortcut Finds Pages That Have…
nokia phone the words nokia and phone
sailing OR boating either the word sailing or the word boating
“love me tender” the exact phrase love me tender
printer -cartridge the word printer but NOT the word cartridge
Toy Story +2 movie title including the number 2
~auto looks up the word auto and synonyms
define:serendipity definitions of the word serendipity
how now * cow the words how now cow separated by one or more words
+ addition; 978+456
subtraction; 978-456
* multiplication; 978*456
/ division; 978/456
% of percentage; 50% of 100
^ raise to a power; 4^18 (4 to the eighteenth power)
old in new (conversion) 45 celsius in Fahrenheit
site:(search only one website) “invisible web”
link:(find linked pages)
#…#(search within a number range) nokia phone $200…$300
daterange:(search within specific date range) bosnia daterange:200508-200510
safesearch: (exclude adult content) safesearch:breast cancer
info: (find info about a page)
related: (related pages)
cache: (view cached page)
filetype:(restrict search to specific filetype) zoology filetype:ppt
allintitle: (search for keywords in page title) allintitle:”nike” running
inurl:(restrict search to page URLs) inurl:chewbacca (specific domain search),,, etc.
site:country code (restrict search to country) “rio de Janeiro”
intext:(search for keyword in body text) intext:parlor
allintext: (return pages with all words specified in body text) allintext:north pole
book(search book text) book The Lord of the Rings
phonebook:(find a phone number) phonebook:Google CA
bphonebook: (find business phone numbers) bphonebook:Intel OR
rphonebook:(find residential phone numbers) rphonebook:Joe Smith Seattle WA
movie:(search for showtimes) movie:wallace and gromit 97110
stocks:(get a stock quote) stocks:ncesa
weather:(get local weather) weather:97132



Querys explained.


Query Fragment


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