The Website Design Process at Elite Web Labs.

01 – Introductions & Initial Research

Enough chit chat, lets get down to the business at hand…

Our main goal during the first few interactions with a perspective client is to learn as much about your company as possible. We believe that the client must be a match for our style of design and vice-versa. The more knowledge we can gain about your company’s past and present the better we can help to influence it’s future. Lasting marketing connections come from the intimate knowledge of your products which is fostered with intent at Elite Web Labs. We listen.

02 – Website Architecture Development

The devil is in the details…

We are firm believers in the design theory ‘Less is more’. The energy and attitude of a website needs to match it’s audience and bloating a website with esoteric bells and whistles will just slow it’s performance and confuse it’s viewers. We custom wire-frame your website’s architecture and present it to you in a clear, organized fashion that is honed by our years of experience and one on one interaction. Protected website development servers are employed for optimum privacy and protection from negative pre-launch search engine indexing.

03 – The Reactions

A little of this and a little of that…

‘What are your primary colors?’ is an easy design question to answer, ‘Does the dual opt-in model work’ is not. There are many questions to be addressed when developing the style of a website and we take pride in handling them. The layout design phase of a web project is the most exciting for sure, but it can also be a causeway to major conflict between advocates of usability and advocates of style and identity. We are here to help bridge the gap between the two arguments and develop a stylish yet highly operational website both sides can appreciate.

04 – Testing, Testing, Testing

A protocol for launch success…

Once design and development has been completed it’s all hands on deck for launch preparation. Every last detail is inspected and buttoned up across the entire spectrum of web browsers in use today. File compression and caching techniques ensure the speediest delivery of your site to viewers and content delivery networks (CDN) serve up the geographically closest files available. We finish with a complete security lock down as well as database, email and website file archiving.

05 – Deployment

It’s a Carvel cake moment.

A quiet launch is a good launch. Years of preparation and countless launches have taught us that. There are no surprises for you because you have been in the loop throughout the entire development phase. At this point your website is validated for HTML standards and submitted to Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines. One more round of testing ensures that everything is working properly on the final live server and is fit for form and function. Breathe!

06 – Follow Through

How’s your analytics doing?

This often overlooked aspect of website development is where we strive to be different from our competitors. All website features will be clearly detailed for the administrator. We also offer training in all aspects of website management, onsite or remotely as well as live support chat and online video tutorials.

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